The role and relevance of Hinduism in contemporary society

Hinduism has a great deal to contribute towards the spiritual health of the modern world. Its inherent pluralistic teachings offer the best resolution to how people of different religions can co-exist peacefully in a multi-faith society. Hinduism even allows for spirituality to be explored in non-religious modes, making teachings relevant and interesting for the youth of today. Family values promoted by Hinduism can foster more stable family units and better community cohesion. The reconciliation between the truth claims of a science oriented worldview and a religiously oriented worldview is obligatory in this century. The Hindu Academy invokes findings at the cutting edge of modern sciences to promote this reconciliation.

Structured Study of Hinduism

We co-ordinate and run classes teaching Hinduism at GCSE and Advanced levels in many cities in England. Over the past few years many of our candidates have scored maximum possible marks in Hinduism modules at Advanced or Advanced Subsidiary levels. Our classes are run by our volunteer teachers at local temples and community centres. These classes provide a structured study of Hinduism that benefits the Hindu community. Many of our teachers are also active members on various SACRE boards across the country. We act as Hindu advisors at both national and local levels, offering Hindu input to some awarding bodies, as well as the DCSF and the Religious Education Council of England and Wales.

Hinduism in schools, colleges and universities

We help run assemblies on Hinduism at many schools, and participate at sixth form seminars or workshops on RE. We continue to offer training programmes for RE teachers for various local authorities at a dozen or so universities regularly. CPD: Last year we conducted a day seminar on Hinduism at the Neasden temple, attracting over 300 RE teachers and was a great success.

Resources in Hinduism

Primary Hinduism is a textbook specially designed to cover Key stages 1 to 3 in Hinduism. It uses a lot of narratives to put across subtle ideas of Hinduism in a colourful format.

Hinduism for Schools covers the syllabus material for GCSE in Hinduism for all examining boards. This textbook offers Hindu input on contemporary ethical and moral issues as well as the Hindu response to philosophic challenges.

Hinduism for teachers is a series of DVDs that offer recordings of interactive sessions on Hinduism for PGCE students at various universities. Click resources to obtain details of how to acquire any of these resources.

Web presence

Hinduism for Schools site we run is one of the most popular sites visited by thousands of school children studying Hinduism.

Video clips of our media contribution can be accessed by clicking Videos

Interaction between Hindu Academy and British Humanist Association can be found here.

Challenging the paradigm of Materialism can be found on Warwick University Website

A dialogue on the need to shift from Materialistic Humanism to Spiritual Humanism can be found on BHA website

Inter-faith activities

Hinduism with its inherent pluralistic teachings is well placed to offer constructive contribution towards genuine interfaith dialogue. Our members participate and contribute in various activities at many interfaith gatherings.