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Hindu Beliefs


The Cycle of Life

Hindus believe that after we die, we are reborn. We continue to be reborn until we find God. The only thing that comes with us when we die and are reborn is our character. If we are clever we are reborn as clever. 




Can we be reborn as a butterfly?

It might be fun to be born as a butterfly, but it is not likely. We start by being born as a lower life form, but then over many life times we are slowly reborn as higher and higher beings until we become human. It would be difficult to be reborn as a butterfly after being a human being.




The Law of Karma

Hindus say that whatever we do will produce results, these results cannot be avoided. This is called the Law of Karma. For example if we work hard in school we become clever, if we do bad things we get punished. The Law of Karma says that this cannot be avoided. We are responsible for everything we do and what will happen to us.  Everything we do produces some results that cannot be avoided. This is why we have to be careful about even the smallest thing we do. If we do good things, good results will follow. If we do wrong things, bad things are bound to catch up with us.




Different ways to reach God

Hindus say that all religions are different ways to reach God. No one religion is better than any other. To say that all religions take us to the same God is called Pluralism. There are different ways to reach God within Hinduism itself.  Some people are very clever and like to find God by reasoning alone. There are some who like to reach God through love. Others like to meditate and find God. While there are some who like to reach God by doing good deeds. Hindus are free to choose the way or ways they want to use to reach God. As we are all different and have different characters and abilities we choose different ways to reach God.


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