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v      Primary Hinduism is a textbook published by us to complement the teachings of Hinduism on this website. It is designed to cover the Key Stages One to Three requirements for teaching Hinduism in schools. It has many colourful stories and pictures, with suggestions for many classroom activities.

v      The material is presented in learning about/learning from and activities format as recommended in the New Framework for RE document.

v      The book costs 12 +(3 p&p) and can be purchased by emailing hindu@hinduacademy.org


Stories on the Internet:


v      Eternal Quest Site has many (subtle and philosophical) stories suitable for all age groups.

v      Grandpa Mukherjee Site has many colourful stories from the Epics and Mythology of Hinduism.




v      Vedanta Centre in Buckinghamshire has a host of very colourful stories from the epics and mythology of Hinduism (Tel 016285 26464)


v      Hindu Sahitya Kendra Leicester has a large selection of books on Hinduism for children. (Tel 01162611303)



Trip to a Hindu Temples or Monastery:


v      Neasden Temple is well geared to receive school visits (Tel 020 8965 2651)


v      Other temples We may be able to offer recommendations for visiting temples outside London.


v      Hindu Monastery in Bourne End Buckinghamshire may allow visits by smaller groups of students. (Tel 016285 26464)



School Assemblies:


v      Vivekananda Centre London has conducted assemblies on Hinduism in well over 200 schools for students of all age groups. (Tel 020 8902 0840) email hindu@hinduacademy.org



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