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Hindu Festival Dates for 2015 to 2017

Hindu Festivals




Makar Sankranti- End of Winter

14th January

15th January

14th January

Shivratri - Celebrating Night of Shiva

17th February

7th March

24th February

Holi - Celebrating arrival of Spring

6th March

24th March

13th March

Ramnavmi - Celebrating birth of Sri Ram

28th March

15th April

5th March

Raksha Bandhan Sister tying thread to brother

29th August

18th August

7th August

Janamastmi - Celebrating birth of Sri Krishna

5th September

25th August

14th August

Navratri - Nine nights celebrating God as divine mother

13th October - 21st October

2nd October - 10th October

21st September - 29th September

Vijay Dashmi Mother Goddess wins over evil

22nd October

11th October

30th September

Diwali - Festival of light

11th November

30th October

19th October


The Vikram Savant corresponding to above years are: 2071 / 2072 / 2073

For Multi Faith calendar click: http://multifaiths.com/BookShop.aspx?cat=Calendar



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