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The Path of Action

Act, but act in a God-Centred manner

Sri Krishna teaches that action is better than inaction. But action should be guarded, we should act in a manner that frees us rather than binds us.  The method prescribed is to do everything to the best of our abilities and offer the fruits of our action to God. This allows us to lead a God-centred life rather than an ego-centred life.   We have to bear in mind that we are not the real ‘doers’; our essential nature the Atman (Self) is just a witness to all our activities. ‘Actionless-ness’ in the midst of action is the secret of this path.

Law of Karma is law of cause and effect that operates on a personal basis. Everything we do will bear consequences which we have to bear. This makes us act in a responsible manner and puts us in charge of our destiny. In Hinduism there is no God sitting in judgment, our own actions dictate our future life or lives.




Cycle of rebirth is called Samsara

Our essential nature is the Atman, and does not die with the body. It is eternal and all pervading. Its nature is that of consciousness, existence and bliss. The body is just the outer garment we inhabit. Just like old clothes this outer covering is discarded when worn out. The cycle of birth, youth, old age, death and rebirth, is called Samsar (the cycle of rebirth). The soul continues to reincarnate until it realises God or as some prefer to say realizes its essential nature as the spirit. Freedom from cycle of rebirth is called Moksha (end of delusion). The spiritual progress we make in each lifetime is not wasted; we carry on with our work in the next life. The only thing that comes with us when we die, are the fruits of our actions and the character we have forged for ourselves. Ideas of Law of Karma and Samsara offer a fairer system of after-life, as they offer measured rewards for measured risks.


























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